XNA Game Studio Connect?

It’s been about six months since I last worked on a programming project involving the XNA Game Studio Connect app (required for developing Xbox LIVE indie games). Something must have changed since the last time I used it… How does one launch the damn thing? I can’t find any way to make the application appear in my games list. In fact, the only way I’ve found to launch it is to do the following:

  1. Enter the Games Marketplace
  2. Navigate to Games
  3. Select “Titles A to Z”
  4. Select “X”
  5. Select “XNA Creators Club”
  6. Navigate to Extras
  7. Select “XNA Game Studio Connect”
  8. Select “Download Again”
  9. Select “Play Now”

Is that what everyone else is doing? Please, someone show me that I’ve overlooked a much more convenient way to launch the XNA Game Studio Connect application.

PS: It also does not register in the “recently played” list, or else I would happily use that.

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My name is Stephen Styrchak, and I work as a software developer in Seattle, Washington, USA.
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4 Responses to XNA Game Studio Connect?

  1. ericcosky says:

    For me, it’s quickest to use it from “My Games”.
    Dashboard->Games->My Games->Scroll to the right end.
    If it’s not there maybe something got messed up with your profile. I had strange things happen one time when my account expired, had to reset it somehow (I forget the details.. it was a while ago).

  2. Andy Dunn says:

    We complained for a very long time about it not showing up in ‘recently played’… along with most issues we raised it was never fixed or explained why it was not possible🙂

    As Eric says it shows up at the end of My Games – thats the only way I launch it these days.

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